Roller Auctions and COVID-19

Roller Auctions and COVID-19


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Auction Highlights: Based on the latest local/state/federal guidelines received we will be partially opening on April 27th. As we attempt to continue operations in accordance with these guidelines please understand our typical processes and procedures will change. Click on More Info to the right to see some of our modifications. We look forward to continuing to provide you with excellent service in a safe environment.

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In all the cases below we will be maintaining social distancing and using masks for our employees where/when we are around customers.


Inspection - We will be modifying our inspection periods to make sure the CDC guidelines can be followed. In some cases that may mean by appointment or the possibility of auctions without an inspection period. We will make that determination if we feel the pictures/videos/descriptions make that possible.

Bidding - All of our auctions will be conducted internet only

Payment - We will be attempting to have all electronic payments. Those options will include credit card, Wire Transfer and cash deposits made directly in to our account at a Chase branch.

Removal - We will be delaying removal for a period of 1-2 days after the auction closes to give time for all electronic payments to be processed. We will also be utilizing a scheduling platform to help coordinate removal. We may also be contacting those with a large number of items or difficult to remove items to allow them early access as to not back up the process for others.


Please continue to reach out to us at 303-289-1600, or by filling out the form on our website 'Sell Page'. We may ask that we receive more photos or walk through with you on FaceTime or similar technology instead of visiting your site but we can determine the best way to proceed after your initial contact.
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